Lettering in Your Style - Wednesday, January 22, 6:30 to 8:30pm

$ 32.00

Lettering In Your Style:

In this introduction to Modern Calligraphy, you will learn the basic techniques of modern calligraphy using very simple tools you likely have laying around your home - markers! This isn't cursive, and it's not formal calligraphy - but a fun and unique mix of the two.

No experience is necessary, you don't even have to have nice handwriting!

Together we will work through an original 32-page workbook, Lettering In Your Style, which is yours to keep when the class is over. You will leave having learned how to write every letter in the alphabet and a few of your favorite words.

This class is taught by Resa Troyer, St. Louis based multi-disciplinary creative. She has been teaching hand lettering since 2017 both live in workshops and online at www.yourdayyourstyle.com

Minimum of 5 students - Maximum of 20

Ages 12 and Up

Class time: 2 hours

Supplies: Everything you will need is included in the cost of the class. (Workbook, tracing paper, lined paper, and markers).


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